In Bogdaj as in Paradise, in Bogdaj

Srećko Petrović

In Bogdaj as in Paradise, in Bogdaj

Category: Note / Review / News

pages: 501-524


The charitable activity of Bishop Nicholai Velimirovich is little known. Although his work and service from the time before the First World War until the end of his life was associated with various charitable activities, his care for the needy and his engagement in the field of charity mostly escaped the attention of researchers, who focused their research firstly on his national work, dealing with the charitable dimensions of Velimirovich’s activities arrogantly, more often only lightly or not at all. However, the charitable activity of Bishop Nicholai Velimirovich was one of his primary activities, expressed in different ways: through efforts to collect humanitarian aid during World War I, then through the establishment of various charitable funds and societies, in the interwar period through the establishment of the church charities, feeding houses for the poor, homes for children, homes for the elderly — in dioceses where he served as a bishop and administrator, or in monasteries in his vicinity, and in the period after World War II especially through care for displaced persons and refugees (among other things through work in international church organizations), care for surviving prisoners of war and detainees who could not return to their homes, and especially through care for poor believers in the new Yugoslavia — expressed through his constant care to deliver humanitarian aid from the Western world to the unwilling in the homeland. The mentioned Bishop Nicholai’s activities have not been sufficiently researched, and it would be very interesting if in the future they would be the subject of a more thorough study, i.e. if the charitable aspect of Bishop Nicholai’s actions and ministry would be clarified.


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