The Nicholai Studies is an international peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to research of theological and ecclesiastical contribution of Nicholai Velimirovich, as well to the research of a wider context in which he lived and created, i.e. the reception of his ideas and his heritage in general (see On Nicholai Studies journal).

Nicholai Studies primarily publishes original scientific papers dedicated to the study of theology and spirituality. The journal is open for scientific papers and review articles based on research in other areas, like social sciences and humanities, philosophy, sociology, politicology, philology, literature, history, historiography, archival research etc. — as long as they correspond with the topic of the journal. Nicholai Studies also publishes relevant archival and documentary material, with accompanying studies and notes as well as bibliographies, shorter notes, reviews, comments and reviews of new publications. Nicholai Studies primarily publishes articles in English and Serbian language. Every article published in Nicholai Studies is reviewed two times and anonymously before being published (see Guide for Authors and Peer Reviewer Instructions).

The Editorial Board of the Nicholai Studies holds to very high ethical and academic standards in publication of scientific papers (see Ethical and Scientific Standards).

The publisher of Nicholai Studies is the Christian Cultural Center “Dr Radovan Bigović”, based in Belgrade, Serbia. International scientific journal Nicholai Studies is published both as a printed and as an online open access journal. The journal is printed in A5 format on recycled paper in the Printing office of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Belgrade.

The scientific journal Nicholai Studies is founded in the year 2020 and launched in 2021. The journal Nicholai Studies is published two times a year. Papers published in Nicholai Studies are peer-reviewed. The published articles represent the views of the authors.






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