Monday, July 26, 2021 - News

The second issue of the Nicholai Studies, an international journal for the research of theological and ecclesiastical contribution of Nicholai Velimirovich (1881–1956), is published.

In the second issue of the Nicholai Studies appeared an essay by Frère Richard from Taizé, inspired by the thoughts of Bishop Nicholai, and an article by Bishop Irinej Dobrijević — on Nicholai Velimirovich’s mission in America 1915–1918, as well as an article by Slavica Popović Filipović on the mission of Nicholai Velimirovich in Great Britain during the First World War. Rastko Lompar’s research published in this issue is dedicated to the problem of the authenticity of Bishop Nicholai’s sermon on Dimitrije Ljotić’s funeral on April 24, 1945, while Nemanja Andrijašević’s article is paying attention to the image of Bishop Nicholai according to the correspondence of Đorđe Radin and Đoko Slijepčević. Željko Perović’s paper is focused on the views of Bishop Nicholai on fascism, and Ilija Kajtez’s article is focused on Velimirovich’s understanding of war, while Pavle Botić’s contribution is dedicated to the mystagogy of St Nicholai Velimirovich. In the second issue, there is a review of the collection of articles on the Hegumenia Ana Adžić by Dejan Tanić, as well as a review of a new publication regarding the orphanage of St Nicholas in Bitola — Bogdaj.

At the end of this issue, which contains over 300 pages, a selected recent bibliography of Nicholai studies is published. The announced list of academic research, i.e. the list of defended university theses related to Nicholai Velimirovich and to the topics of his legacy (which theses are actually much more numerous than that could be assumed) was not published in this issue but was moved to one of the following volumes since it is still quite far from complete.

The journal Nicholai Studies is available in open access, and the second issue of the journal can be downloaded at

The next issue of the Nicholai Studies (Vol. II, No. 3) should appear in English, in January 2022.