Tuesday, January 5, 2021 - News

“Tucindan — the birthday of someone who is destined to wander around the world”

“Tucindan” — a Serbian traditional pre-holiday two days before Christmas, and here a wordplay which Velimirovich used: it could be rendered as “the day of wanderers.” In this manner, Bishop Nicholai dated a letter which he sent from Lakavana to Fr. Aleksa Todorović in Munich on January 5, 1952 — cf. CW, XIII, 687.

On the 140th anniversary of the birth of Nicholai Velimirovich, the first issue of the journal Nicholai Studies has been published. Both printed and digital copy of the first issue of Nicholai Studies are stored in the Repository of the National Library of Serbia.

The journal is available online as an open-access publication.

The next issue of the journal is scheduled for the second half of the year. The next issue will be published in English and Serbian.